Oct. 29th, 2010 12:13 pm
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I am trying to channel my Nano nerves into plotting... and well failing that channel the energy into cleaning my bedroom.
After an hour of scrubbing I can happily say that my writing desk is dust/sweet wrapper/dirty coffee mug free!! The floor is still covered in paper though...
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I'm getting kinda excited for NaNoWriMo - but also thinking OMG WHAT HAVE I LET MYSELF IN FOR???

I did a little test today, found a semi-interesting prompt and wrote for 15 minutes - came out with just over 250 words. Which makes me think that during Nano I'm going to be writing for around 2 hours per day. Which will be... interesting.

On the more fun side though, I've been playing around with some free software, downloading pretty wallpapers and procrastinating all in the name of science Nano.
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I was awoken by a persistent warm tickling sensation on the tips of my fingers. I mumbled into the covers and rolled over onto my side - unwilling to face the day. 

"Watson" came the familiar voice of my flatmate "I am sorry to wake you at this hour but I am in need of your assistance."

My opened my eyes to the sight of a large black rabbit peering intently at my face.

"Good heavens!" I cried

The rabbit rolled his eyes at me.

"Yes yes" said Sherlock "I'm a rabbit."
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I probably shouldn't be posting this because its still unconfirmed but whatever...

The Daily Mail is reporting that Charlie Brooker and Konnie Huq are going to get married.


But I have *~*other thoughts*~* which I'm slightly embarrassed about.

Basically that tinhat-part-of-my-brain-that-thought-that-Charlie/David-are-geniunely-attracted-to-each-other is dissapoint.

I physically felt like I'd been punched in the stomach.

And now I feel guilty.

ETA: Now been confirmed by Torygraph

I'm sure that in a few hours I will get over my dissapointment (which I also highly suspect has to do with some projection issues) and I'll be happily writing Charlie/Konnie/Dara.
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The cover of this weeks Radio Times is Charlie Brooker... in a bonnet.

The RT Website has some more pictures from the set

Pictures under the cut )
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After the last one you'd think that I would swear myself off audiobooks for awhile. But no - I'm a glutton for punishment and I've already started a new one : 'Darker than Love' by Kristina Lloyd.

I'm only half way through so I can't give a complete review but so far this book is much much better than the last one. The plot isn't very deep or original but then again - its porn.

Basically think 'Victorian bodice-ripper with a D/s theme'.

"No no you will never take my maidenhood!!" and stuff like that does make me giggle but it also has its moments of pure hawt which is all I can ask from erotica.

The best thing is that the reader is excellent. She has a lovely clear voice that isn't jarring. She doesn't overact or make creepy sex noises *looks pointedly at other audiobooks*

I'm actually looking forward to downloading the next part.
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Mythbusters puppy!fic: An experiment gone wrong/transporter malfunction turns Adam into a cute but naughty puppy. Jamie has to take him home.

I would pay someone to make this exist.
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I'm addicted to reading the Latest Things page... but I'm not sure the DW etiqutte when it comes to commenting on a post in latest things from someone not in your circle.

So if you're you reading this post on Latest Things right now!!!
I would love your views:

1)Would you comment on a post you've seen on Latest Things?

2)Would it make a difference if it was someone's personal journal? A comm?

3)Has anyone stumbled on your post/journal/comm using Latest Things?

4)Did they tell you how they found you (i.e, came here via Latest Thing's)?

5)Did you like people dropping in? Wish they would shoo? Anything else?
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I took a gulp of air and steadied myself. As I tentatively swung open the door - the sound of a heated argument came to an abrupt halt.

Three angry faces stared at me.

"I...I have...a..."

"Oh just fucking spit it out," Malcolm roared at me, his cheeks flushed with anger.

Glenn and Terri glanced at each other and then began intensively studying the worn-out carpet.

"I have a letter from the Minister" I said quietly.

Malcolm's eyes lit up. He rushed out of the chair and snatched the letter out of my hand, ripping it open eagerly. A few seconds later he noticed I was still standing there gawking at him and threw me an annoyed glance. I blushed and scurried out of the room.

My heart was pounding.


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